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Reigning in the Muse

It is the curse of the creative mind to constantly be thinking about the next project. Inspiration is always showing itself to me and my mind plays around with all kinds of new scenarios. I might see some new fabric or an old jacket and can just see how these items can be used to give life to new art or some new purpose. And yet, I must be self-disciplined to not simply jump in and start some new project each time the muse strikes me. Otherwise the projects I have already begun will never be finished and my room will become overcrowded with newly started works in progress.
As of this moment, I have 3 projects I am working on.. the Nowhere Man I talked about last week, a double knit scarf and a quilt I started last year that was intended to be my brother’s Christmas present.  Maybe he’ll get it this year… maybe.  Since I am reigning in my muse and not starting anything new until this is completed, here is the progress of my quilt (don’t worry, I’ve already shown it to my brother, he likes it and is anxiously awaiting it’s completion. lol):

Playing around with design schemes..

This is actually my mother’s fault. I had found this Batman panel of fabric and had originally thought to make a simple wall hanging out of it for my brother, because he loves Batman. I asked my mother what she thought and she said, “well, you know, he needs a new blanket..”.  And so, I got to work trying to create an original design that incorporated the panel but made it a central focus rather than taking away from it.

The final design

And I set to work cutting out the pieces, after doing some math and figuring how many inches each of the squares on the graph paper were supposed to equal.

Organizing the cut pieces

This is the quilt entirely pieced together.  I machine pieced it, but am hand quilting it. This is also my first quilt.. and I had no idea just how long and tedious the process is.

To give you some idea, the bed which it is draped over is queen sized.

All that is really left is to applique the little bats in the corners (in the yellow.. the corners are meant to resemble the bat signal that would appear in the sky that called Batman into action). After that, I will finally be able to ship it to my brother and begin the next quilt. 🙂

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