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Insomniatic Thoughts about Suits…

I should really be asleep right now…

I’m in the middle of trying to put together a series of related posts at the moment, which as per usual, has me doing research between work, sewing, and my addiction to Facebook and Youtube. I’m hoping the first will be ready to post by the end of the month (I’m being realistic here, I’ve a lot to juggle).

Until then though, thoughts about suit jackets:

He’s got a good point. Why don’t they make suit jackets with the arms attached the same way as other jackets and shirts? Maybe someday I’ll make one and see how it works out.. add it to my list.    I first saw this video almost a year ago.. I’m a huge fan of Lloyd and subscribe to his Youtube channel (and maybe I’ve somewhat of I fangirl crush on him too >.> ).  Anyhow, I was reminded of it Sunday night at a Gaelic Storm concert when Patrick Murphy had to take his cool velvety suit-type jacket off because it hindered his accordion playing. Yes, Patrick Murphy started shedding clothing and my mind went to Lloyd, there must be something wrong with my wiring. ha!

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