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Doing some Spring Cleaning

I know you’ve missed me. I’ve been busy spring cleaning my apartment. I’ve been going through all of my closets, my storage areas, everything. I’ve come to realize just how much of a fabric hoarder I am, lol.

My tower of fabric. This is where I keep my “good” cotton and other special fabrics.

A box full of formal skirts I’ve picked up at thrift shops to use whenever I need glitzy fabric. I haven’t managed to use any of it in the year I’ve had it. I don’t want to just get rid of it. So, I think some experimenting is in order…

One of two boxes of denim that I have. Hoping I would get more orders for the NowhereMan Jacket (read the whole story, Part 1, 2 and 3), I stocked up. It seems weird how much interest there was when I first made it, I had someone offer to buy the original before it was even finished. ::shrug:: I’ll do something with it eventually, I have plenty of ideas.

A couple rolls and a box of of quilt batting I picked up via Freecycle this past summer. I’ll use them eventually. I still need to settle on a design I really like for the Nataraja Quilt.

Little boxes of notions that an elderly woman gave me when she moved some years ago. I have made use of these again and again. Especially the zippers. Thank you elderly lady.

A clean closet!! These dresses are prom/ formal dresses that I picked up from thrift stores that I intended to alter (this was around the time I made some formals for a fashion show in Springfield, IL) I don’t know that I’ll ever get around to doing anything with them. I should probably take them to a consignment shop. Although, when my friend Julia got married back in 2010, I did get my bridesmaids dress from this collection (that’s it in the front) and all I had to do was shorten the skirt.

So, after all this cleaning (and there’s more yet to do), I’ve managed to take in a TV and some bags of clothes/ fabric to the second hand store where I work. I’ve also sectioned off some stuff to sell on eBay (see my shop and all my spring cleaning goodies here)

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