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Baby Spoiling

Ask anyone that knows me, I am not a baby person. As a general rule, I think they mostly just look like alien trolls and they give me the heebie jeebies. It’s not that I hate babies (contrary to the “Baby Hater” nickname my lovely co-workers bestowed upon me), they just don’t really impress me very much and their frailness worries me. What if someone hands me their baby and I accidentally break  it? No thank you. Now, having said all this, I have to admit, that every once in long, long while, I encounter a miniature, not-yet-fully-developed human being that manages to catch my attention in some manner. When I was in high school, that mini-person was a (then) 3 year old named Sami. There was just something about her, an orneriness that shot out of her eyes and an attitude – not your typical whiny, screaming brat attitude, but a kind of sassy and edgy spunk – that became her. She was just that awesome. Of course, I haven’t seen this kid since I left for college years ago. No other rugrat had really managed to win me over before or since… until my boyfriend’s baby nephew came along.

The funny thing is, I haven’t even met this kid yet. Neil’s brother lives in another state, so I’ve only seen pictures on Facebook. Yet, he’s somehow managed to make an impact on me… and I am now set on trying to spoil him as much as possible. Last year for Christmas, I crocheted a panda for him and mailed it down. (I adapted the basic bear pattern from a crocheted Care Bear book.)

So, when Neil and I made plans to come down to visit, I knew I wanted to get the kid some manner of cute baby shirt. Not knowing what size he wears and not wanting to ask (because I wanted it to be a surprise), I had my mom help me figure out what sizes to buy. (Note: Explain to your parents WHY you are looking at baby clothes BEFORE you just start looking through baby clothes.)

After figuring out the best size to start with (it’s better to err on the side of too big, since babies grow), I had to figure out *what* I wanted to write. I had so many ideas and trying to narrow it down was really hard. I’d seen some cute shirts that say “My Aunt is Hot”, and had thought about doing that, but decided against it, and ultimately “My Uncle’s Girlfriend is Hot” is just too much to try to fit onto a baby shirt. So, after talking to co-workers and friends, I decided on “If you think I’m cute… you should see my Uncle!”

I used Marvy DecoFabric fabric paint markers for this project. I used some scraps from the rag rug to test on. I think the markers worked really well and I’ll certainly use them again on future projects. Make sure you use an iron or run your items through the dryer to heat set.

The shirt has been Neil approved and now I’m just waiting until we get to see his brother and the baby to give it to them. I will try to get some adorable baby wearing shirt photos later on.

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