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The Incredible Matthew Schultz

Ever since I first saw him walk through a crowded 3T show dressed as the Trickster Crow, I have loved Matthew Schultz’s work. The man is brilliant!

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A local professor uses art to prove it’s easy to fall for propaganda. He says he wants those who see his work to be inspired to think critically. Rachel Otwell takes us to his exhibit: 

You can find more information about the ‘The History of the Division’ exhibit at the James S. Murray Gallery at Lincoln Land Community College here.

Audio of entire lecture by Matthew Schultz on ‘The Division’:

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One thought on “The Incredible Matthew Schultz

  1. Matt is an AMAZING artist. I don’t think we were in the same ceramics class, but we were both always in the studio and I got to see him at work. He’s amazing! And he had a couple shows when I was still on campus. Seriously deep stuff. I’m glad you posted this in your blog so I could see some of this new stuff!

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