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Presto Change-o! Pants become a Purse! Part 1

Some months back, a relative of mine gave me a bag of clothes she no longer wanted. I took most of what she gave me to OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthe second-hand store where I work during the day, but in this bundle of clothing were a cute pair of pants that I just couldn’t let go of. Sadly, they’re a junior’s size 5 and don’t come up over my grown woman hips.
So, I sat on them for awhile, trying to figure out what I wanted to do with them. Yesterday evening I finally decided to make a purse with them.

 Very Basic How-To

 The first and most basic step is to cut off the legs. You want to cut them off pretty much at the crotch. Observe the dotted “cut here” line I drew in.


I’ve seen a lot of these purses made in such a way that after the legs are severed, the bottom edge of the now super-micro-mini-skirt is stitched together. This is fine, but it doesn’t allow for much actual storage space. So I made mine with a bottom plate. Simply cut out an extra rectangle of fabric and stitch it on the bottom edge of the skirt… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Of course, you may have to play with it a little get the proper sizing. Making the initial rectangle longer than it needs to be, like I did, is better than cutting out something too short. You could also just do the measuring and math, which is probably quicker, but I’m lazy.

So Far…


Now I just need to add the straps and a lining and Presto! However, I think I want to get a little fancy and do some embroidery on it first..  Any ideas or suggestions? I’d like to here them! Seriously, give the comment box some love!

4 thoughts on “Presto Change-o! Pants become a Purse! Part 1

  1. I’ve made a bunch of these, and I used that idea of the bottom panel on one for my sister. Lots more room, but I had to put a stiffener in the bottom to help hold the shape. Are you making one handle or two? I’ve found, after many tries, that I prefer two handles – the purse seems to hang better. Embroidery is fun too; hope you do that. Pockets!! I love pockets – I even put a pocket behind the zipper. Now I’ll have to watch for Part II. (man, what a LONG comment…more like a book!) 😆

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