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Things That Frustrate Me: Sewing Machine Help?

I’ve been working pretty steadily, sewing most of the day. Then, as I’m feeling a good rhythm, and nearing completion of some of the laptop bags I’ve been making, my sewing machine decides it wants to be a jerkface and throw a fit.

GEDoes ANYONE know what the heck this is? What causes it? How to fix it???

I’m at a complete and total loss. The machine will work perfectly fine, with no problems and then suddenly, BAM! It does this crap to me. What you’re seeing is the thread coming from the bobbin all jacked up. And it bunches and jams up the needle and I have to do battle with the machine to get my fabric back. It starts doing this out of nowhere and, if I’m lucky it’s a once or twice deal, but sometimes it will keep it up for hours before it manages to straighten itself out somehow. It makes me want to throw my machine out a window. These hissy fits that my machine throws waste a butt-load of thread. I often get upset and say, “Screw this” and go back to sewing by hand (which takes eons by comparison).

GEThis was taken the other week when it was doing the same thing.

Do any of you, my readers, have any experience with this? Can any of you offer me any help? I’ve had this machine for 11 years. My mother bought it for me. It’s a White 935.


I actually meant to take pictures and post this a few hours ago, but then I had to hunt for my camera (it is a rather crappy camera, I know), which frustrated me even more.

8 thoughts on “Things That Frustrate Me: Sewing Machine Help?

    • Would WD-40 work? That’s all I have in the way of oil.. can I just spray that in there? My apologies for seeming uninformed. I’m not exactly part of a sewing family. I taught myself via experimenting/ reading the manual when I first got the machine…

      • no don’t use wd40. I think you need household 3 in 1 oil, it comes in a tiny bottle, you can get this at any hardware store. There should be little tiny holes in your sewing machine and you put one drop of oil in each one. It should be in your manual…
        You’ve done great for teaching yourself!!!

      • I’ll have to pick some up tomorrow and see if I can figure out where these holes are. That manual ran off somewhere a few years ago between moves, so I can’t reference it anymore, sadly.

        And thanks for the compliment. I certainly try.

  1. I had this problem before when I was using your grandmother’s machine. I was told that it was a thread tension issue. I did not know who to set tension on bobins and ended up paying someone to straighten it out.

    • When did gramma have a sewing machine? Was this when I was a little kid? Because, other than that little hand sewer thing, I don’t remember her having one….

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