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Lammily Embraces Barbie’s Evolution

WARNING: The following contains photos of naked dolls.
All of these dolls are of legal age (in doll years) and consented to
having these photos taken.
If you have moral issues with naked dolls, you may want to exit now.

Let’s not kid ourselves, we knew this post was coming. Barbie has been blowing up my social media feeds since last week Thursday when Mattel announced that they would be releasing three new body types in their Barbie Fashionista line. And I get it. This is a huge deal for pretty much all of doll-kind and represents a major shift in society. I would be remiss if I didn’t discuss this new direction. Because there is so much that I can say about this change, so much that has already been said, and because I want to avoid a TL;DR post, I will be splitting this into two posts. In this first post, I will simply provide a photo comparison of these dolls. In the next post, I will be sharing my thoughts about these changes and answering some of the common arguments I see online about the movement to have more body positive dolls.

BUT I know that most of you are likely more anxious to get to photos of these new dolls. And I am happy to oblige.

First, here are all three of my girls with the new body types: Petite, Curvy, and Tall.


Now is when the clothes come off. Here are each of these dolls in the nude so that you can see how they’re structured. The extra body I am comparing them to is the Original style Fashionista body. Please forgive her lack of a head – I had already rebodied her to a Liv doll:

Unfortunately, I don’t have a Skipper doll to compare Petite with – I know some of you are curious as to whether Mattel cheated a bit with this doll. But, she seems to have an adult style body to me. I also really like the bit of maroon in her hair.

Tall is very slender, a bit flatter chested, and has a much more subtle cinch in her waist than the other dolls.

Curvy’s blue hair is actually a mix of blue and black. I really like it and this lady already feels like she has some serious personality. Β She has more of a pear shape to her – her cup size seems to be about the same as Original to me, but she certainly has more in the trunk and has a bit of a paunch on her belly.


Next, I wanted to see how these girls compared to some of my other dolls.


L to R: Lammily, Curvy, one of my Prettie Girls, Original, Made to Move, one of my Mixis, a Liv, My Scene Barbie, Classic Barbie, Tall, Petite


L to R: Classic, Original, Made to Move, Curvy, Prettie Girl, Lammily, My Scene, Petite, Tall, Mixis


L to R: Classic, Original, Made to Move, Curvy, Prettie Girl, Lammily, My Scene, Petite, Tall, and Mixis

In particular, I couldn’t help but notice these two groups – the 3 dolls that all have less drastic cinches to their waists (which seems more natural to me) and the 4 that all have ample “junk in the trunk”, for lack of better phrasing. Lammily and Mixis belong to both of these groups.

Now to try on clothes!

It seems Petite, Tall, and Original can all share clothes with each other, although the fit may be a little different. What is a dress for Petite will fit Tall but would require the addition of leggings for your doll to maintain her modesty. The outfit still works, though.

I played around with having Prettie Girl try on Curvy’s clothes, since they both have larger behinds. Curvy’s shirt fits OK, although midriff baring, but the skirt is just too loose. I then have Petite try on Prettie Girl’s outfit. It works, but the fit is loose. Great for those days when Petite might want to just lounge around the apartment.

SHOES: Β Curvy and Tall each have slightly bigger feet than the other Barbies. But, Curvy’s feet are too small to wear Mixis or Prettie Girl shoes and, similarly, those dolls have feet that are too big for the Curvy/Tall shoes. Lammily’s feet are altogether bigger than all of them, so, no shoe swapping here.

And now, what I know everyone is curious to know – How do Curvy Barbie and Lammily relate to each other?

As you can see, Curvy’s legs are still rather long and her torso sits much higher. Curvy’s arms are thinner and her hourglass shape seems more cartoon-ish by comparison. Also, while Lammily’s range of motion isn’t the best on the market, until Mattel gives these new bodies Made to Move articulation, Lammily still leads in this area.

But can they share clothes? Well, Curvy can certainly borrow clothes from Lammily’s closet:

Although, Lammily’s clothes may be a bit baggy. This is because even Curvy’s proportions are still smaller than Lammily’s. The sharing only goes one way:

Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments as well as if there are any comparisons or poses you’d like to see.


20 thoughts on “Lammily Embraces Barbie’s Evolution

  1. I ordered a blond curvy and the same tall and petite dolls. They are supposed to arrive tomorrow – very excited. I also just bought a Lammily. Loving these new dolls. Thanks so much for the pictures! I’ve been wanting to see comparison photos. Good job.

  2. Thank you for this comparison! How much clothing swapping do you think the Mixis will be able to do with the new tall Barbies? I’m hoping my Houda will be able to score some new threads! πŸ˜‰

    • So, I just went upstairs to try this out for you (I didn’t take photos, though). Tall Barbie can wear Mixis clothes just fine – she actually wears Emerald’s dress rather well and it’s still long enough to qualify as a mini to micro-mini. However, like with Lammily and Curvy, this seems like a one-sided affair. Putting Tall’s clothes on Houda resulted in a shirt that, while it fit, is midriff baring and a skirt that barely made it over Houda’s hips and rear. Mixis have a bit more in the posterior so bottoms may not work so well.

      • Thank you for checking! It’s too bad that the Mixis cannot wear the new Tall Barbie’s clothes! Maybe Mattel will offer some fashions out of stretchy fabric and we’ll have better luck πŸ™‚ It *is* good to know that when I get my butt into gear to make both my Houda and Lammily some clothes, they will fit other dolls too!

  3. Thanks for all the photos! Curvy definitely looks less awkward in these shots than in the professional photos for Time Magazine. (Which makes no sense; you’d think the pros would want to make her look better, not worse!) I’d still be happier if her breasts were in proportion to the rest of her body — and if the new bodies had proper articulation!

    Still, a couple of weeks from now, I should have some money again, so I think I must get my hands on these new girls and have a look for myself. Now that you’ve put the idea in my head, I want to compare Petite to Skipper; I have a large range of different Skipper dolls to compare her to. (And I’ve been wanting to do a photo shoot of my whole Skipper collection anyway!)

  4. Thanks for the comparison. Although I wish you didn’t describe Curvy’s hourglass shape as “cartoonish.” One of my favorite things about curvy is that the shape of her waist and hips are almost exactly like mine (and I wouldn’t call my shape “cartoonish”).

  5. This was really interesting. I love all the photos showing exactly how they all compare to each other, from different views. I have two original Lammily and have preordered the new Photographer Lammily. Lammily is my favourite.

  6. That curvy shape is so pretty, I have to disagree it looks “cartoonish”. I don’t like Lamily’s body at all D: She’s too square.

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