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Officially Now On YouTube

As I venture into making videos, I have no intentions to leave blogging behind me. I’m still new to this, I’m still learning. I hope that you enjoy it and please let me know what you think in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Officially Now On YouTube

  1. All right Miss Lisa! I’m glad to hear you’re starting up this project you’ve wanted to do for years. It’s as you said- there’s a million reasons NOT to do it, but sometimes you just got to hold your breath and dive in.

    Loved the scenery, Meadowbrook Park and I guess Japan House possibly. Final shot of the woman statue is my favorite; I liked the tracking technique you used and the lighting at that time of day is really beautiful. Also liked the ducks, but you knew I would say that.

    I watched the video at work so I just had the visuals plus the CC subtitles.

    • WHAT?!? I don’t understand how! Did the video robots see a statue and equate it with porn?? “If you like statues of naked women, we recommend this porn” Oh jeez… SMH

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