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About Me

Like most people, I’ve been creating and making things since I was a child. I’ve also been sewing my own clothes since High School. I’ve taught myself to sew, knit, crochet, and even weave. However, it wasn’t until after college that I was sucked into the art scene in the town I was living in. I owe a lot to the 3T: Third Thursday Art Shows that used to take place each month in Springfield, IL – they inspired me and got me started. Sustainability and fair labor practices are extremely important to me. Because of this, almost all of the materials I use are recycled from old clothes, thrift store finds, or have been produced in an ethical and environmentally safe manner.

As an undergraduate student, I majored in Anthropology and minored in Linguistics. This has had a deep (if not defining) impact on both how I view textiles and handicrafts, and how I approach my own handiwork. That is to say, I am always aware how what we wear communicates with those around us, of the messages embedded within art; of the rich histories and traditions behind each craft as well as the innovations and new breaths of life being given to those same crafts.

What this blog aims to discuss is how these different elements overlap and impact our lives. But the blog has evolved over the years and now also includes a variety of other topics that catch my fancy – dolls being one of those more recently found passions. There are also periods of time where the blog seems to go quiet. Much of this can be attributed to the rest of life pulling my attentions in different directions.

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