Photographer Lammily is Here!!!

After roughly a year of waiting from the time she was available for pre-order, my new photographer Lammily finally came home this weekend! It was very hard for me to not immediately take her out of the box to introduce her to the rest of the dolly family. But I was good and I waited until I had the time to film her unboxing:

Here are some close-up shots of her. I really like how her feet and hands are a lighter shade:

I’ve still not decided upon a name for her, but I like the idea that she grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. I had the pleasure of going to New Orleans in October of 2015. I really enjoyed myself there and would like to go back someday.

After filming her unboxing and taking close-ups yesterday, I introduced her to some of my other dolls. A group of them – Aideen, Mitsuko, TJ, and Morrígan (with her bağlama in hand) – took a ride out to a local park in my backpack with our newest friend. Morrígan played and sang for us while the photographer and I took a bunch of photos.

It would also seem that our new lady and TJ are pretty cozy together…



The Mission: Part 2

 The Mission: Part 1


   Flashes of fabric. Scraps. Lots of them. Daniela hid behind a heap of discarded fabric as the rhythmic pounding of a needle sounded in the distance. Her heart beat heavily in her chest as she gazed around the mound, searching. The box. The cardboard box across the room. Just like the old crone saDossierid there would be… Daniela shot out of bed and took a fighting stance as her eyes darted around the room. She sat down on the bed and calmed her breathing. She took the file out and read it over again. Vargas, she thought to herself, I will find you. I will find you and I will bring you back to Lalkana to pay for your crimes against the empire.

She needed to get to know this area and she needed to leech the locals for information if she had any chance of finding Vargas.


And that, Daniela, is the apartment,” chimed Zahara. “I moved in over the summer to be with my cousin, Mitsuko.”
Daniela smiled at her new acquaintances.
You poor things. You don’t even realize you’re prisoners, do you?, she thought.

You really must come have lunch with us,” said Mitsuko. “We’re supposed to meet DSC00165Morrigan and Sakura for pizza. Morrigan wants to play us a new song.”
As the girls got into Mitsuko’s car, Daniela thought she could hear a needle pounding in the background and she shuddered. Zahara’s laughter brought her back and she shook off the memory. They were off to meet with the others.

To Be Continued…

Look for Part 3 sometime next week. While I have the story written, I need time to create the outfits, props, and scenes for photo shoots 🙂 I’m still doing my 30-day Blog-a-Day challenge, so there will certainly be *something* tomorrow for you.


The Mission

DSC00143     A creak of the door and the sudden brightness of lights in the room woke Daniela from her slumber. This is it, she thought to herself as she looked her buyer up and down, I’m finally going to be free.
     Daniela had spent the past month in a state of suspended animation, trapped inside a vault of cardboard and plastic. She’d been jostled and transported, delivered to a woman known only as “Lisa”. Despite having been unconscious for most of her journey, Daniela could still feel the stiffness of her body from the time spent cramped up in the delivery vault and she yearned to feel the open air and stretch her limbs.
“Welcome to your new home,” greeted the Lisa woman as she liberated Daniela from the vault, “I hope you like it here.”


     For the next hour or so, Daniela was introduced to a number of other dolls that were being held prisoner. They seemed nice and welcoming to her, but she was not here for them. No, she told herself, you cannot compromise the mission for these dolls. You are a Muñeca, damnit, do not forget that.
     The Lisa woman eventually set her down with the other dolls and exited the room, mumbling something about “work”. Once she was confident the coast was clear and the other dolls were asleep, Daniela set to reviewing her plans…


To Be Continued…

A Tale of Two Dolls: Part II

It’s been quite a busy week and a half since my last posting. I’ve been helping Barbie rehabilitate after speGEnding several years in a box. I’ve given her a good scrub down, washed her hair, found her better clothes, and have been bringing her up to speed with technology – she remembers the internet, but last time she was on a computer, Windows 95 was the standard. She spent an entire night last week just on Youtube watching cat videos! She’s been on my computer almost every day. It had become a routine that I would get home from work and have to kick her off so that I could use it. So, you can imagine my surprise when I came home yesterday evening and found Barbie asleep on the couch and Morrígan sitting at my laptop instead!

Morrígan’s eyes were so transfixed on the screen she barely noticed as I sat next to her on the bed. “What’cha reading?” I asked.

GEShe didn’t respond, but looked down at her feet. I leaned over, curious as to what the matter was. On the screen were several open tabs – blog posts and youtube videos – all making the same general statement: Lammily dolls are fat, boring, and ugly. A pain seared through me. I looked down at Morrígan, who was trying hard to hold back tears. “Don’t listen to them,” I said, bringing her into my arms, “these are only a handful of people. Do you know how many people love and support you?”

She nuzzled into my shirt. “Why are they so mean to me? I didn’t do anything to them! Why do they hate me so?”

I didn’t know how to answer her. How could I explain something I didn’t fully understand myself? “Well, I’m not entirely sure. Sometimes people just really like what they already know. Maybe they see how you’re not exactly like the other dolls and they don’t like the change.”

Hearing the commotion, Barbie awoke from her slumber and came upstairs. “What are you guys talking about? Is there a new cat video?”

Morrígan pointed toward the laptop, “They’re saying how ugly I am and how pretty you are and that you inspire imagination and fantasy and that I am boring!”

“Oh. That. Well, you’re just going to have to deal with it,” Barbie said with an air of authority, flipping her hair with her hand, “Take it from someone who has been in this business for a very long time: You’re going to have people who criticize and hate you no matter what. So you might as well get used to it.”

I did not appreciate Barbie’s tone. I could sense that maybe this was some false bravado. “Morrígan,” I asked, “can you give us a moment?”

After Morrígan left the room, I gave Barbie a chance to explain herself. “Why are you acting this way, Barbie? Is there something you’re not telling me?”

There was a silence for several minutes. And then Barbie sat at the computer and pulled up another list of blogs and videos that ridiculed and poked fun at her for being unrealistic and damaging to girls. She looked at me sheepishly. “Let me see if I’m understanding you correctly,” I said, “you felt bad about yourself, so, you decided to act tough and try to bring Morrígan down?”

She nodded. I pulled her close and held her the same way I had Morrígan earlier. “Barbie, you have done so much for little girls by going forward and holding so many jobs that, at one time, girls never aspired to – you’ve been a doctor, an astronaut, a pilot, a business executive, and since you’ve been in that tote, you have even run for President of the United States! You’re not perfect and there are some legitimate concerns around body image issues and racial diversity, but these are issues that can be addressed. But, no one is perfect and your faults should not detract from your strengths. But,” I told her, “You really do owe Morrígan an apology.”

Barbie hopped off the bed and went to find Morrígan, who was laying on a pile of fabric in the sewing room. Barbie sat down next to her and put her hand on her shoulder. “I’m sorry I was a jerk downstairs. Thing is, the internet has been really mean to me, too. I’ve been reading all of these posts saying I’m horrible, that I’m unrealistic, and worst of all, they say that I’m hurting the children I’ve always been trying to help. I can’t help the way that I look, this is how I was made,” she slumped over, “Now I feel awful. I hate the way I look now.”


I took a deep breath and walked into the sewing room and addressed both the dolls. “I don’t know why society has such a hang up on women’s bodies and looks. Or why people love to sensationalize or focus on the negative. It is true that the Lammily dolls were created in response to a need for a more body positive doll. But that doesn’t mean you should hate your body, Barbie. Your proportions won’t work for a human, but that’s ok because you’re not a human – you’re a doll. No one should feel bad about the body they’re in. People come in all shapes and sizes. Now dollies are starting to come in different shapes and sizes.”

“So, there isn’t any one standard of beauty?” asked Morrígan.

“No,” answered Barbie, “and there shouldn’t be.”