Crocheted Bowties are Cool

My boyfriend and I are both avid Doctor Who fans, and while I know that there can never be another Doctor quite like David Tennant, Neil seems to believe that Matt Smith is somehow better. (It’s ok, I’ll let him have his delusions, they’re kind of cute sometimes ❤ )
A few months back, using crochet thread and a very teeny tiny little hook, I made him his own 11th Doctor inspired bowtie.

I wasn't sure exactly how big around his neck was, so I made it adjustable.

I think it turned out rather nice, and I was quite pleased that it managed to meet Neil approval.

The Doctor opening the door with his sonic screwdriver.

How would you like to have your very own crocheted bowtie? I’ve decided to make more and sell them on Etsy (click here), so now, you can totally snag one for yourself and for that Whovian in your life.