Becoming Integrated – Making Sense of Branding and Teh Internets

Today, I have finally taken steps to integrate this blog with my Etsy shop. I admit, I intended to do this a year ago and I have a lot to learn about how best to use the technology available to me. My boyfriend is light years ahead of me in this arena (he sometimes calls me a luddite, in a loving way, of course). However, today, I’ve finally pushed myself to start trying to use all of these tools, and I’m kind of proud of myself.

What I’ve changed/ am changing:

  • I’ve officially changed the name of my Etsy shop from Aikifox Creations to A’Cloth the World to connect the two together. This also meant having to play around on Gimp and create a new banner.
  • I’ve created an official Facebook page, linking to both this blog and the shop. I’ve also added a “Like” button so you’ll be able to become a fan on Facebook. As I have more items to list in the shop, I may provide useful coupon codes within this blog or on the Facebook page, so keep a lookout.
  • I’ll also be connecting my Etsy to Facebook and possibly Twitter. I’ve already started using #acloththeworld on Twitter.

Perhaps these aren’t major changes, but they’re a big deal for me 🙂